Stain remover interior fabrics PDF Print

500 mL Spray Ref.066100

Use :

- Mix of penetrating agents that 
extract and eliminate stains while penetrating
inside the fibers.

- Also complete the action of the Absorbant Stain remover product
for persistent stain.

Advantages :

+ Effective on All kind of stains, even the most difficult ones! (oil, grease, wine,...carpet, fitted carpet, furniture fabric,...)                                                                                                                                                  + Preserve fragile fabrics, without any acid, no amoniaque!
+ Brightens up old fabrics!
+ Biodegradable and without any odor
+ anti-dust mite


La marque ECOGENE existe depuis 1990 et propose des produits pour l'habitat (le terme ECO signifiant maison en Grec ancien)